tbmGood quality and interesting toys are very important for an Alaskan Malamute from the very first days. Usually these dogs are regarded as ‘not too much into toys’, but that is a myth. Basically, any toy will be just fine if you learn how to play with them. Read here for more information on how to train and play with a Malamute.

It is very important to have plenty of toys and to play a lot with your Malamute from the first days, as games are very useful not only for the development of mutual contact and understanding, but also for the dog’s mental and physical development. A dog, which knows that toys are fun, will have less or none separation anxiety and will make less damage to the household.

Which toys?

Out of the enormous selection of toys available for dogs, there is one toy our Mal is crazy about – Romp-n-Roll by Jolly. This toy is guaranteed to be brought to you for a play even after an exhausting training in the woods, when you feel that both you and dog should be falling on a couch for a nap.

We also like a lot of products by Kong because of their durability. Namely the Kong Extreme, Kong Stuff-a-Ball and Kong Ball (beware of the weight of this one – it can easily destroy a window, TV or anything else on its way).

Our Taiga also gets really excited when she sees (or smells, or hears) a tennis ball. There are some well known dangers associated with the tennis balls (such as choking, dental abrasion and chemical poisoning), thus we never let our Mal chew on the ball for a period of time. Two golden rules here: use the standard  tennis ball only for fetch activities (means hiding it afterwards and not letting the dog to enjoy it alone), and changing it into a new one when it looks ‘used’. Or just use a special-for-dogs tennis ball, such as KONG AirDog Squeakair Ball, though it lasted 15 minutes of fetch in our case.

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  1. How do we get our Mal to like playing with toys more, Joey us not s fan of Nylabones either.

    1. Post

      Hi, Tom,
      That’s a tricky one 🙂 I guess the best way is to keep trying to play with your mal with different toys and you will find the right one. Out of our two mals, one is crazy about playing with anything at hand, while the other one’s attitude is more “meh”. But both usually only play when the humans are also engaged – meaning that otherwise the toys are usually untouched. Unless there’s something to tear apart, but that’s a different issue…

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