Caring for an Alaskan Malamute is a requiring task. Every potential Malamute owner should consider whether they will be able to provide their dog daily with hours of walks, sport activities, games, best food on the market, quality equipment and, most importantly, enormous amounts of love, joy, dedication, energy and patience.

Every happy and healthy Malamute needs:

  • shed1-2 weekly grooming sessions and daily grooming during the shedding seasons.
  • 10-14 kg of highest quality kibble per month. Additionally, raw meat and supplements.
  • Quite an amount of toys and equipment for sports. Some of which are quite expensive.
  • Long everyday walks and sport activities every second day. The intensity will naturally increase as your dog grows.

Veterinary checks and visits should not be frequent for a Malamute, apart from regular vaccination and blood tests from time to time. All dogs should be bought only with pedigree documents from well regarded breeders and should have healthy bloodlines (free of hip dysplasia and cataract). If you don’t understand this recommendation, please, do yourself and many shelter dogs a favour and adopt one of them.

Neutering is highly recommended for all dogs who are not bought for the purpose of breeding. And if it was, breeding should be done in an ethical manner.

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  1. hey what type of wolfdogs are suitable for india-20 degree celsius to 48 degree celsius.
    can i have a malamute in this enviroment.

    1. Post

      Hi, if it’s -20 celsius – malamute will be fine. I’d avoid +48, even though we know some malamutes living in such environment, but it seems a bit of a torture, to be honest. If you are looking for any wolf-like dog, check Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, maybe they are better suited for such climates. But they have nothing in common with malamutes 🙂

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