Skijoring is a sport in which a dog (or up to 3 dogs) runs and pulls a cross-country skier. This sport is practiced recreationally and competitively, both for long distance travel and for short (sprint) distances.


You will need: a canicross belt, a harness (half size, or X-Back) and an elastic line. Press here for more information about the equipment. Obviously, you’ll need a set of skis.


Training a Malamute for skijoring can be started after it’s over 12 months old – starting with short distances of up to a few kilometres and gradually increasing it. After 18 months, the distances can be safely prolonged, but also in a gradual manner. Malamutes are allowed to participate in official Skijoring races from the age of 18 months.

Again, if canicross and basic mushing command training were successful, there isn’t much left to learn. Start slow, let the dog to get used to a constantly tense line and enjoy the snow. Skijoring is a much safer sport for the owner, compared to bikejoring/scootering – snow is soft to fall upon, just avoid the trees.

It is important to keep the dog well hydrated in cold weather, as they tend to not be so willing to drink water as in warmer environment.

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