Welcome to the malamute blog. This blog and resource website is dedicated to the admirers of the Alaskan Malamutes.

When we first got a Malamute puppy, there were so many questions and so many different and sometimes even controversial information sources… So we put together everything we experienced ourselves into this website, which also serves as our Taiga’s blog.

These dogs have a genetic mission to run, explore, pull loads by working together with their human in an inseparable unit. We pay special attention to the sport activities of the Malamutes, as we believe that if they will not perform their main function – work – they will end up severely unhappy.

We hope that this website will be resourceful for those who are new to the Malamute world.

Use with joy and common-sense.

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  1. Dear Taiga, dear Yuki (welcome!) and dear happy owners 🙂

    I just found your blog and I must say: I’m stunned and extremely happy to have found a blog so informative and loving of the breed at the same time. With every word and every picture yo can feel the adoration and love you have for (your) mals. And you do it with a lot of humour, which makes it so much more pleasant…

    I myself fell in love with this breed a few months ago, and tried to get as much information as I can find on the Internet and/or trough talking to breeders/owners. I already visited a breeder here in Austria (where I live), to get to know this wonderful dogs in “real life” 😉 but breeders/owners are very rare and so I’m always glad when I find people that share my addiction to dogs/mals and share their life with this wonderful dogs.

    The – for me – most urgent question I always ask when I meet malamute owners is:
    What are you working (during the day) and do you leave your dog/s at home (alone) or how do you handle it?

    You say that the malamute needs a lot of time (for training/exercise) in the morning and the evening – so what is with the time inbetween? I read a lot that the malamute cannot (or at least should not) be left alone for a long time? Can you confirm that?

    I’d really like your honest opinion on that and would be very glad if you’d tell me what you think and how you handle it yourselves 🙂

    Because right now, basically everything with me is ready for a malamute: I have a big house surrounded by trees and woods, I have enough money and a steady job to afford a malamute, and I have the urgent need to exercise more (I had a dog before, which died in 2014 and since then, I miss hiking in the woods for hours,….) – the only issue left is: time (I work fulltime in an office).

    I hope to hear from you soon! Give my love to your beautiful dogs <3

    Best regards, Alexandra (from Austria)

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      Dear Alexandra, thank you for your kind words!
      The ability of malamutes to stay at home for a longer period (normal workday hours) depends absolutely upon their activity levels: if they had proper activities in the evening and a good walk in the morning, there should be no problems. A tired malamute is a happy malamute, so if the damage occurs – we should blame ourselves 🙂
      We leave them alone every day and even though there was a little more mess during the first days after we’ve got the little one (but that has nothing to do with our absence – they were ‘just’ playing), now it’s usually ok. Summers are a bit trickier, as you can’t work the malamutes due to the heat, so they sometimes have energy to spare. But usually, when it’s hot, they also aren’t that energetic.
      One thing we can assure you of – a full time office job is not an obstacle to have a malamute. So if you feel you are ready for it (and you sound like you do) – get one! 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words once more and sorry about a late reply – we were on some wild holidays with our mals and had to leave the blog unattended.

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  2. Hi,
    We just rescued a malamute. But not sure if it a mix or pure. He is 1 and a half and was wondering if I can post or send a picture to get some feed back.

    Thank you

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      Hello, Imare, maybe you have an Instagram account and could post the picture there for us to look at it?

  3. Check out these practical, safe, and fun dog powered rigs- scooters and trikes.
    Much safer and more fun than using a bicycle or any “dog out front on a single line system of mushing.


    It makes high drive dogs valuable.

    Any chance of a link or news item?


    1. Post

      Hi, Mark,
      We know about this and other products of a similar design. While we could go on debating the fun factor, it is not safe both for the driver and for any dog who actually pulls instead of just running nearby. Therefore we can not recommend such products in our blog.

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