Malamute puppy Yuki with Taiga and Stig

New malamute puppy at home!

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Our pack numbers have increased – introducing our new malamute puppy Yuki, who came from a renowned Najanin kennel in Norway. It took us over 6 months to research most of the kennels in Europe and North America and we chose the Najanin kennel specifically because of the few main reasons: pure American bloodlines, very long history of successful breeding (they are doing it for over 30 years now!), their malamutes are of exceptional health, are both excellent working and show dogs, and, most importantly, we just loved the kennel’s approach to their dogs – it’s a big family.

After another 6 months of waiting for an actual puppy, we finally flew to Norway, met Yuki and his parents and the incredible people at the kennel, absorbed a lot of information about malamutes and flew home with a little 8 weeks old four-legged fur ball. The idea of a flight was very scary at the beginning, but turned out the best choice (instead of a 4000km drive forth and back) – Yuki was allowed to the cabin and slept through all the flight.

And then the fun began. Remember, we already have an adolescent (21 month old) malamute girl Taiga at home, as well as two cats, one of which is THE Alpha of the whole pack. So there were a few security concerns before finally stepping through the door with a new malamute puppy. Yuki was a bit scared at the beginning (it was a big day with a lot of new experiences already), but got used to Taiga in no time, while it took a day or two for our beloved girl to finally accept that she won’t be ‘the one and only’ for us anymore. Yet, everything was fine. She even brought some toys to him at the first night and they’ve been sleeping together since then!

Meeting the cats went smoothly – Yuki was immediately punched at the nose by the alpha cat and was excessively nosed out by the other one. Since the first day he sees, that the cats eat first and that Taiga absolutely respects them, so we feel quite confident about their positive cohabitation in the future.

But the story only starts here. Our new malamute puppy has spent the whole weekend with Taiga and her best friend 14 month malamute Stig in the forest. We thought it might be too much for Yuki in such a short time, but no – he not only got along fine with dogs almost 6 times heavier than him, but actually was leading the group most of the time when we were going through the unknown (for him) forest trails! Yes, an 8 week old malamute puppy was going in front of two adolescent malamutes, all without leashes and in a perfect formation. We were in awe and then remembered the words of the breeder: “This puppy has the guts and strength to do anything!”. We will be forever thankful to Najanin kennel for our Yuki and are looking forward to all our experiences and mischiefs with him and his new sister Taiga. Of which we promise to update regularly.

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  1. I am starting my research on this breed. We are a big outdoor family involved in a lot of dog sports with our Labrador and Beaucerons. Is the malamute trustworthy off leash while backpacking/hiking or running? Thank you

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment, Vicky! Malamutes can be trained to hike and run off leash, but it takes a bit more patience and work than other breeds (sometimes we joke, that other dogs would already learn to search for drugs in the same time). It also helps to observe the malamutes for “signs” of ignorance before they wander off into the woods – with time you start to know when exactly you have to give a command to draw the dog’s attention back to yourself.

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