Remembering short winter

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Winter is coming. Well, it came and already left… We had snow and negative temperatures for exactly two weeks after returning from Lapland. Not much, but we didn’t waste our time – spend incredible weekends on snow and sleds with Taiga’s (and our) friends. These were actually the first sledding experiences for both Taiga and us. We have been waiting for this for so long and it was absolutely worth it!

As we knew, that winter won’t last long, we tried them all – professional race and recreational sleds, as well as the kick-sled while some of our friends brought skis and enjoyed skijoring (but not us – you know the saying “like cow on ice”…). Personal opinion: recreational sled is easy and fun, kick-sled is extremely fun (well, literally “extreme” – imaging going downhill at over 30km/h without brakes and not much overall control of that little piece of aluminium). But race sled is the real thing: that feeling when you are sliding over the snow through the narrow forest trails, yet have quite a bit of control over how you take corners, how you brake and accelerate – wow! A real sled makes you feel a bit as a real musher and somehow makes you proud of those miles behind you. I still remember all the mistakes I’ve done and know what will do differently on the pro sled, while both kick-sled and recreational one just reminds me of a very good time (which is also very good, btw). So, a good racing sled just slid its way into our shopping list.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy them instead!

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