Bikejoring through winter

Bikejoring through winter

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Climate change is real. Facebook has just reminded us that a few years ago there was so much snow at this time of a year in Lithuania that people had to equip heavy machinery to reach the main roads. This year though – only positive temperatures, constant rain and muddy trails. There’s nothing else left but bikejoring with Taiga through the winter every time the tracks dry out.

Malamute in LaplandAnyway – what else to do when the weather forecast can’t promise any negative temperatures one month ahead… That’s why we’ve decided to visit the northern Lapland (Finland) at the beginning of January 2016 where we’ll try to have at least a taste of real winter. Last year Taiga was there at only 4 months of age and she loved it so much! But until then, it’s only bikejoring in a never ending dryland (well, actually – wetland) season…

Just for comparison, outskirts of Vilnius (Lithuania) and Luosu (Lapland) a few days ago:

Bikejoring through winterReal winter

You can find many more inspiring views of Finnish Lapland on the website/instagram/facebook of the photographer Markus Kiili.

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